Anthony Smith


Check out Anthony Smith and see how he is going to stroke that dick of his. He is on the couch, in the intimacy of his cozy apartment and because he got really bored and he found nothing more interesting than this, he started to jerk off his tool while he was watching TV. It seems like lately he is shaking his tool more than often so he might have some issues. He just finds himself grabbing his tool and start touching himself. You got to see the entire action guys, cause the following scenes are going to be really impressive.

You are going to have a fantastic time watching this horny gay performer in action, right at his place, with his legs spread wide open and his hand all around his huge cock, sliding it and going up and down, with a lot of eagerness. He just loves getting all fired up and naughty and you will see a lot of interesting things going on cause he plans to do a lot more. He is about to show you exactly what does he like, in order to get more fast the the maximum pleasure. Have fun! Don’t forget that you can watch other gorgeous men jerking off inside the blog! Have fun!

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Richard Cynderblock – Jerking Off

Another fresh week and another guy is ready to stroke that dick for you today. The name of the said guy is Richard Cynderblock and he’s one burly guy too. He knows how to be a tease rest assured and you can see it all in his scene today. As you know, we only have the best of the best and this hot site is the go to spot when you have a need to see some pretty intense and hot solo jacking off scenes with hot guys. There’s only the best of the best content here at strokethatdick dot com and you can bet that you get to see plenty in this one with Richard too. So let’s get it going and see him give himself a nice handjob shall we everyone?


The couch is his little setting as many other studs before him around here and first order of business of course is to get to undress. He also gets to take his time and do some posing for you around the spot and you can watch him show that naked body from every angle and naughty pose that he strikes too. Anyway, soon enough he’s too horny to hold back himself as that cock was already nice and hard and begging for attention. Sit back and watch him work that massive shaft with one hand as he moans in pleasure and enjoy the view. We’ll be seeing you again soon with more and you can also check out the past scenes for interesting stuff too!

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Tom Jerking Off

Hey there guys and gals. You guys remember what we’re all about here at stroke that dick yeah? well get ready to see another one of those scenes taht’s most definitely to your kinky tastes as you get to see a hot stud named Tom taking his time to rev his engine as it were and race to the pleasure line today. He’s always one to make it last long when he jacks off and you will see the full extent of his stamina this week right here and right now. So let’s not delay any longer just like usual and see Tom strokethatdick with a passion today and you can actually see this horny and kinky guy shoot more than one jizz load as well for the scene!

He desperately needed to empty his balls, so that’s why he likes to take his time and do it multiple times too when he gets too horny. Since he was really eager today, clothes fly off in every direction as he was superbly eager to get to have sweet release. He just goes for it after that and the first load is shot standing up. It goes all over the place and it seems that he’s not done yet. He’s still hard and he intends to milk himself until he’s shooting blanks… metaphorically speaking of course. Anyway, we hope that you will have fun with Tom and his scene and we’ll see you next week with another juicy collection of images!


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Stroke That Dick – Anthony

Well well well, here we are once again with a brand new stroke that dick update and another stud. You know that we have the best content in mind for you all the time and this scene here is falling pretty much in the same category. The stud in this one is Anthony and we can tell you right now that this is a name you’ll remember for a long time. Unless you already know it, since we have another hot and horny Anthony getting naughty and kinky too. Aaanyway, this week’s guy gets to strokethatdick on a black leather couch and you can see it all. Watch this horny guy have some fun masturbating furiously for your viewing pleasure today without delay!


According to him, leather just makes him turned on even more and it kinda shows in the scene too. The more naked he gets and makes skin contact with the couch, the harder he is. And by the time that he actually gets to start stroking his hard meat, he was like diamonds for sure. Well either way, you still get to see a pretty intense and amazing show with the guy masturbating and moaning in pleasure while he pleased himself and we bet that you’ll adore it too. We can only hope to have him as a guest in future updates too and in the meantime, you can just take the time to see him jack off and blow his load this afternoon!

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Stroking That Dick

Well as per usual you are right on time to get to check out a brand new and fresh stroke that dick update with some more hot and horny guys too. This week’s main star is another new guy that gets to have the couch to himself to play on and you get to watch the whole thing go down with him too. He knows that he must make a great impression and boy does he go out of his way to put on a stunningly amazing show this afternoon. Let’s get right to business as usual and watch the hot and horny stud have some fun and strokethatdick of his today. We can promise you that this is one scene that you won;t be able to take your eyes off of!

He has some nice tattoos as well and doesn’t seem to shy away from showing them off to all of you either for today as he undresses. He makes his way lower and lower and by the time he reaches his cock, you can see that he’s as hard as a rock and ready for action. Sit back and watch closely as he moans in pleasure while he jacks off for you and the cameras and you can even see him switch it up with new and kinky positions to do it in as well. Either way it’s one of those must see shows and you just need to check it out today. We’ll be returning next week with some more as well so come back then too guys and gals!


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Stroke That Dick – Alex Raye

Another fresh week and time to see another stud stroke that dick happily for the cameras and you today once more. His name is Alex Raye and this well built guy is one sizzling hot stud. To boot, you can see that he packs quite the sizable cock as well and he is always horny according to him. Well he’s going to get to have a fair shot at proving that in today’s little scene as she gets to have the spot to himself to do whatever he wants and get as naughty as he wants! His amazing strokethatdick scene is one to most definitely not pass over if your thing is taking your time to check out some hot muscled hunks playing with their big dicks nicely!


By the time that this scene gets started, the big dicked stud is already busy getting undressed and showing off his curves to you all. He gets to finally rest on the blue couch in the room and his cock is already getting nice and hard in excitement and anticipation. And you’ll see just how huge he is once it’s fully erect as well. Anyway, take the time to see him lay back and stroke his cock and you can watch a true pro at stroking dick showing off his skills. Before you know it he ends up shooting his load all over himself and the place too. It’s just beautiful and we bet that you will love it as well. You can come back next week for even more action.

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Stroke That Dick – Hot Rod Spunkel

This week’s naughty stroke that dick scene is quite special and we think that you will easily recognize this guy as well he’s been here before in a previous scene and you know how good he is at playing solo. Well in this naughty and hot show, the guy gets to turn the kink factor to the max and you will see in just a bit why. See, he wanted to have his cock taken care of more properly, but there was no one around. So in this show you can check him out trying his best to suck himself off and he seems to be pretty successful at it too. Let’s not waste time in this new and refreshing strokethatdick scene today and you can see some kinky stuff!

Well you can most certainly say that this guy took matters into his own hands, or rather mouth for this one since he had no company, but he still managed to put on one of the greatest shows around here that you can see for sure. There’s all that classy undressing and stripping but that cock sucking action that he tries to do is still the best thing ever. He does have obviously some difficulties trying to do it, but you do get to see him suck his own cock with a passion today. Do enjoy the whole thing today without delay and we’ll be seeing you all next week once more with another new and fresh update and even more kinky scenes!


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Stroke That Dick – Horny Rey Gold

Today’s new stroke that dick action star is named Rey gold and he is quite the smoking hot looking stud as well. He is very very good at this whole thing and we are truly honored to have him show off this afternoon in our scene. The amazing hunk has a body that you would not believe and he seems happy enough to get to show it off as much as he can himself. So yeah, the stage was all set to see a superbly hot and incredible scene with an amazing stud that likes to get nude and strokethatdick of his! So yeah, let’s take the time today to check out the hunk having fun as he gets to play with his cock all afternoon long this fine day today!


The guy is in the mood this afternoon and as you can see he gets to undress and show off his naked body for you. He looks simply stunning to say the least and he knows it too and once all naked you can see him taking his spot on that couch with the red satin covers on it. Watch closely as the guy gets to start to jack off fast and hard and see him shooting his load. You can watch him do that multiple times and he manages to make himself cum repeatedly here today. We’re sure you’d want to join him, but for now you have to check him out at a distance. We will be returning next week with a brand new collection of hot studs in action and you’d do well to check it out!

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Nico Lahanssen Stroking His Dick

Hey there everyone. There’s a new and fresh stroke that dick update for you to see and of course a brand new guy featured as well. This guy’s name is Nico Lahanssen and he also gets to show off his skills. It’s pretty much his first time on camera but after the magic he made happen you wouldn’t say that. We think that he’s pretty much a natural at all this and we bet that you will incline to agree with us on the subject. But anyway, there’s a fresh and hot update here with lots of pictures of him getting to strokethatdick and you just need to take the time as always to see them unfold. So let’s watch another sexy masturbation scene today shall we?

So yeah, as soon as the show begins, he has the place to himself to do whatever he wanted and it looks like the first order of business for him was to make himself comfortable and get undressed. He, like all the other guys that we have around here, seems to think that there’s no better way to jack off than fully nude because of all the freedom. So let’s just take the time to see the stripping getting done as he does pose a bit around for you so that you may see his body from every possible angle today as well. But anyway, the best part is of course the cock stroking, and there is plenty of that happening in his scene here for this week everyone!


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Stroke That Dick – Mikey Camin

Hey there guys. We’re back as per usual with some more all new and fresh stroke that dick action and of course more of what you love to see. Namely hot and sexy studs, all eager to get down and dirty with themselves for you to see and the cameras to immortalize too. This week’s stud is the owner of a fat and hard cock and goes by the name of Mikey Camin, and you can bet that he’s one of those guys that never passes up the chance to get down and dirty if he can as well. Let’s just get right to the strokethatdick action and watch Camin as he gets to be as wild as he wants. You can rest assured that his solo masturbation scene is one to die for to say the least!


Once the cameras truly start to record, the guy seems all set to play. Watch him whip out his cock that even asleep looks quite big while he undresses. He’s soon buck naked and starting to tease himself and getting rock hard. Watch that dick grow bigger and bigger and see him eagerly starting to jack off when it’s as hard as a rock. He seems like quite the master of self pleasing and this show has him show it all off in spades as it were. Well either way, you get to see a incredibly hot and juicy little scene with this well hung guy and we’re sure that you will love it. We’ll return again next week and we’ll bring you more naughty action like usual!

Take a look at this guy jerking off his fat dick!

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